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Superfood Snacks

Is for Sale

Superfood Snacks Official Registered Trademark on the Principal Register.

It took several years to get our Trademark upgraded to the principal register on the USPTO.  As you can see, it is protected.

About Adam

Founder & CEO of Superfood Snacks

Back in 2005 I had a vision to transform the food industry by not only creating a delicious organic plant based snack but to also package that snack truly sustainably.  After 2 years of research we were able to launch a certified organic snack packaged in the worlds first printed bag made with certified non-gmo garden compostable materials.

Back in 2007, after 2 years of research we finally Pioneered one of the first Raw Chocolate Snacks packaged in the Worlds very first printed bag made with garden compostable materials.

Contact Me To Chat About The Superfood Snacks Opportunity

If you have any questions or just want some clarification on what’s included in your purchase of & it’s Brand assets.  Thank you, Adam Collins